Hello, first of all thanks for visiting my portfolio, let me introduce myself, my name is Rachel Hasley and I am co-founder of Divanyx Design and Photography, which is a company that believes in the values ​​of professionalism, punctuality and above all quality.  This website was created so that our guests can view the different talents and skills related to graphic design and photography we can offer.

   This company allows me to be self-employed (part-time) and gives me an opportunity to showcase my talent as a graphic designer.  I have advanced knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite and I hold professional experience in the areas of logo design, branding, brochures, posters and all kinds of print design; Please take the time to review my portfolio located at the bottom, my design services are currently available for hire.

     As for web design is concerned, I have about a year of experience managing the languages ​​of HTML and CSS, however, I am a person who likes to improve constantly, so I am currently taking on the challenge of learning about  PHP / ASP, SQL, XML.

    I have a four year professional degree in Design for Graphic Communications.  I am dedicated, responsible and eager to excel in any environment.  I was born and raised in Mexico, which gives me the advantage of knowing different cultures, having an open mind and developing ways of communication that allow me to think outside the box.

     Graphic design for me is the opportunity to create perfection.

     "There are three responses to a piece of design: yes, no and WOW!... WOW is the one to aim for"        Milton Glaser



Design type: Logo     Project: Practical

Industry: Software Development  

Description: Since the company Data Jabber creates computer programs, a logo of an abstract computer created from the company's initials was chosen as ideal.



Design type: Logo     Project: Practical

Industry: Software Development

Description: The company that owns this logo is related to the previous logo, but this time they were seeking a more futuristic and technological image, wich I represented with the design and colors of the letters, the bow that follows the star, accentuate the sense of the word Beam.




Design type: Logo     Project: Practical

Client: Rochester Healthy Community Partnership / HIF

Description: For this logo, the customer was looking for an image to represent family values, health and union.  Nothing could better show it than parents making a heart and taking their children´s hands. The different colors shows the diversity of cultures.




RHCP home website


Design type: Website     Project: Practical
Client: Rochester Healthy Community Partnership

Description: For this project I wanted to make a website very interactive and engaging. That is why the main element it's a large window with images that rotate constantly to inform all community events.  At the top we can see a bar with the logo of the foundation, along with a silhouette of the City of Rochester MN.



smoke flyer








Project: Practical


Description: The flyer was created to inform that Mayo Clinic has a study that offers new ways to help people to support others to quit smoking. For that reason, I used pictures of people from different cultures to emphasize that this study is for everyone regardless of sex or age.








Design type: Logo

Project: Theoretical    

Name: Odissey

Industry: Day Care Center

Description: The logo of Odisea can be seen in early sketches, demostrating different aspects until the final product is obtained. The colors are chosen from pastel tones to evoke the tenderness of children, the cubes are used to represent a learning enviroment, the ball and the lines of movement are there to signify an active and fun experience.

Applications: Poster





Design type: Logo

Project: Theoretical    

Name: House of the Health

Industry: Physical therapy spa center

Description: The logo for "The House of the Health" is based on a human silhouette in front of some shapes that form a house.  Instead of smoke coming out of the chimney, leaves are chosen to represent the natural methods employed by the clinic.  The slogan reads: Leave your health in our hands.

Applications: Towels, cup, uniforms and digital publicity banner.






Design type: Poster

Project: Theoretical    

Name: Flavor of Freud

Industry: Theater Performance

Description: The theater performance in question is a musical comedy that portrays the story of a therapist that falls in love with his patient. Their Relationship is illustrated on the poster via a doctor's pipe emmiting smoke in the shape of the two lovers in dancing positions, similar to those realized in the performance.  The contrasting colors are chosen to evoke passion and lust.  The slogan reads: Who ever said therapy was boring?






Design type: Brochure

Project: Practical    

Name: Degree in Visual Arts for the Photography 

Industry: University of Guadalajara

Description: The brochure was realized to serve as a guide for those aspiring for a career in Expressive Photography.  It includes important information about their educational goals to accelerate their careers. The front of the brochure was designed from a camera´s flash in strong contrasting colors. 






Design type: Campaign

Project: Theoretical    

Name: Taesa

Industry: Airline

Description: Even though the airline Taesa has already gone out of business, the project was to nevertheless create a publicity campaign. For which I took the frame of a window in a plane, across which there can be seen the places most representative and dreamers of certain countries, in order to promote the tourism.  The chosen slogan: Let's fly to your dreams.

Applications: Bus ads and Billboards 






Design type: Magazine cover/Journal article

Project: Theoretical    Name: Pixel

Industry: Graphic Design Magazine

Description: The cover aims to emphasize the link between digital design and manual design, while the article highlights the "Blow alerts" design agency. The meshing of the two types of designs is alluded by arranging the article's columns and title in a non-traditional manner.  The magazine's  slogan "The point of the design", alludes to a digital pixel (magazine's name).

Design type: Magazine ad   Projects: Theoretical  
A) Name: Pharmaton    Industry: Vitamins

Description: Focusing in the fact that vitamins are meant to provide evergy, a tired and sleepy version of Edvard Munch´s (the Scream) was used wherein the person does not even have the energy to scream. The point of the ad is to illustrate that such a weary performance could have been avoided if he would have taken his vitamins. The slogan suggests: Don´t run out of energy, better take Pharmaton, You´ll feel and notice the difference.

B) Name: Emerald    Industry: Publicity

Description: The goal was to emphasize the fact that women are also interested in playing soccer. Consequently a woman´s beauty is represented via precious emerald stones. The principle argument used: Who said beauty and soccer don´t mesh.

C) Name: Pepsi Kick    Industry: Refreshment

Description: The design of this ad utilizes centers on an x-ray image that shows Pepsi Kick cansas batteries for the brain. The metaphor is chosen to emphasize that Pepsi Kick provides the consumer with and extra energy Kick.









Design type: Packaging Label

Project: Theoretical  

Name: Honey Great Value

Description: The progression of the design for this packaging label is shown from the original form and initial sketches, to the digital representation of the final product.